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With Star Wars: The Old Republic having been officially released for nearly two weeks, it is the right time to start looking at what scores the game is receiving from various publications. We have compiled a list of the currently finished reviews below, and will be updating this post as more sites post their reviews. MMOs are traditionally difficult to review, as there is so much more content to explore than most games, so reviews will still be coming out over the coming weeks from other sites. If you find any reviews we haven’t yet added to the list, feel free to share it in the comments.


5/5 – G4tv

The amount of content in Star Wars: The Old Republic is astounding. The fact that it is all incredibly damn good is borderline miraculous. We’ve known for some time that this was a tremendously ambitious project, but it’s not until digging into the game for a hundred or so hours that you start to appreciate just how damn much there is to be played here.

9.5/10 – Ausgamers

BioWare have remarkably pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Star Wars: The Old Republic. While they haven’t revolutionised MMO gameplay as we know it, they have delivered one of the best looking, most playable and most polished MMOs in history — in fact, a level of polish you just don’t expect from the genre.

93/100 – PC Gamer

An achievement as an RPG and an MMO, The Old Republic offers something bold and new for gamers. Don’t miss out.

9.2/10 – 3DJuegos

Huge, colossal and epic. Maybe The Old Republic isn’t the most innovative MMORPG out there, but BioWare has constructed a brilliantly assembled videogame. A must-have for genre fans and also for Star Wars enthusiasts.

9/10 – Meristation

While not perfect, The Old Republic is probably the most polished MMO on the day of release. EA, LucasArts and Bioware’s combined efforts brings us the best of the Star Wars universe and the golden dream of every fan of the saga. Jedi or Sith, this game blasts your brain away.

9/10 – Gamereactor Sweden

9/10 – Vandal Online

4.5/5 – Cheat Code Central

If the idea of a Star Wars MMO appeals to you, The Old Republic will be worth the cost of admission.

9/10 – XGN

Star Wars: The Old Republic is not an innovative game, pushing forward the concept that World of Warcraft has started all those years ago. However The Old Republic has a ton of content, big open worlds and some fantastic storylines, making it a must have game for all Star Wars fans.

90/100 – Gamers.at

The Old Republic focuses heavily on the story which is what makes leveling fun. However once you reach the level cap the game gets far too repetitive too soon.

89/100 – VentureBeat

The borderlines between MMORPGs and single-player games are not what they used to be. Star Wars: The Old Republic successfully blends engrossing storytelling with a persistent online world that can be explored alone or with other players. The character classes and the cinematic presentation do the Star Wars license proud.

88/100 – Ten Ton Hammer

If World of Warcraft marked the beginning of a new era for the MMO industry back in 2004, then The Old Republic will no doubt be long remembered as the title that helped bring that era to a close on an astoundingly high note.

86/100 – GamingXP

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the fresh breeze the MMORPG genre so urgently needed.

80/100 – Guardian

The graphics are occasionally stunning – with long draw distances rendering outdoor and space locations particularly effective and, so far, relatively lag and glitch free – an achievement in itself for most MMOs.

4/5 – Gameblog.fr

If BioWare can deliver a good load balancing for the real launch of the game, The Old Republic is geared up for success: the franchise works as well as we’d have hoped, the game remains pretty classical, but well-rounded, and there’s this added bonus of the BioWare games that we came to know and love: the story. Actually, Eight stories, one for each class, supported by other narrative elements for every quest. It makes for a massive content to discover, enough to remain occupied until BioWare fixes the little balancing issues, refines the interface, fixes some bugs and the like. With Wookies, it would have been nearly perfect for an MMO launch.

8/10 – Eurogamer Italy

Star Wars: the Old Republic is a good MMORPG with lot of action and an awesome atmosphere. If you are tired of Azeroth, you´d better have a look at it. If you love Star Wars, well… get ready to say goodbye to your social life!

8 comments on “SWTOR Reviews around the Web”

9.5/10 Best MMO I ever played mimaritn (of course maybe I should point out it is the only MMO I ever played). ;)


@mimartin: When you’ve played WoW, there are some little things I could nitpick about. It’s overall a better leveling experience so far though.


Hopefully they fix the part of the new patch where ridiculous amounts of people can’t log on. I’ve had the game installed for four days and I’ve yet to play it. My system meets more than the recommended requirements.


I Played WOW since Vannila and I have retired from it after playing SWTOR and will not go back finally I can tell Blizzard to kiss my butt!!!!!!


[...] users, there’s some research indicating about 350k concurrent users during peak times and most reviewers are giving scores averaging 90%, 4/5, 9/10 with a few perfect scores. After two weeks in, I’d say it’s a pretty good [...]

I agree with the reviewers. This game is absolutely awesome.


This has been a great launch for such a huge game. It is tons of fun and easy to get going on. I played WOW a couple times and it never pulled you in like TOR. The quest system, fast combat and Star Wars-ness is awesome.

You should definitely give it a go. Hopefully they will offer some good trial stuff soon… after adding a few servers. :) You should check out some of the newbi zone guides and basic class guides on DDM’s Realm. Thy will help get you going for sure.

Anyway, great game and its going to be huge. Looking forward to watching it grow.


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