PC Games Magazine Reveals Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor [UPDATE]


In the December issue of PC Games magazine in Germany, which features TOR on it’s cover, the remaining two classes have been revealed for the game: The Sith Inquisitor and the Jedi Consular. This may come as a surprise to many who were not expecting the final classes in the game to be Force-using classes. Details on the two classes are below.

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A user on the SWTOR-Station forums has translated scans from the magazine, giving us some details of the classes.

“Class number 7 is the Jedi-Consular. Other than the a few weeks ago revealed Jedi-Knight the Consular is not found in the first frontline. Though he can handle the lightsaber, the Consular also masters a few different long-range combat abilities such as “Sleep”, “Lift” or “Smash”. The class can for once be played offensively on damage oriented or specialize in healing. Therewith the Jedi-Consular is a really powerful supporter-class in The Old Republic.

Force Push

“The Sith Inquisitor is the last of the totally eight character-classes, that will be at the ready with the launch of SWTOR. The Inquisitor is the counterpart of the Consular and also a fighter in the second ow. Suited with force-abilities as “shock” or “lightning-stroke” he can fire his enemies up, as we were able to convince ourselves during a thorough gaming session.One quest sent us into an old Sith grave, with swarms of huge killer-worms (K’lor’slug Ravager) and deserted Imperials running around. With the aid of the area-of-effect skill “Overload”, that can not only damage nearby enemies, but also knock them down a stun for a few seconds, we quickly killed the brood.

Lightning Stroke
Dark Gift
Call Ferry
Dark Meditation”

We’ll be posting up more information as it becomes available so stay tuned to the site.

UPDATE: SWTOR forum member Petrosis has translated the entirety of the magazine article at the official forum. The magazine had a chance to play the Sith Inquisitor through a quest and wrote their detailed impressions. The above translation is only the brief overview given of both classes.

Update 2: Sean Dahlberg has officially confirmed the classes on the official forums.

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[...] Fansite Star Wars MMO net reported earlier that they have scans from a German gaming magazine revealing the last two classes that we’ll be able to play in SW:tOR. The classes are the Sith Inquisitor and the Jedi Consular. First being the damage dealer, while the latter being a healer with long range damage dealing abilities. You can read the whole article and some of the translation from the magazine on Star Wars MMO fansite. [...]

[...] kez alman Pc Games dergisinin su cevirisinde ortaya cikan bu siniflara ait [...]

Hi I think this is will become a big hit game! thanks for your info


[...] gjordes av tyska tidningen Pc Games. Delar av artikeln har översatts här. En kort sammanfattning av klassernas förmågor, tagen från tidningen: Jedi-Consluar[sic]: [...]

Kind of disappointed here. didn’t want to see more force classes, now definitely more than half the game’s players will be some type of jedi or sith.


these classes don’t seem very equal..where is the sith’s healing class??


[...] Final 2 Star Wars MMO classes revealed details click here [...]

called it


I think the ‘Dark Gift’ is probably the healing spell for the ‘Dark Side’.


@Wes: Good point, there must be some type of healing power for the Sith side. I figure their healing will be more like drain life from KotOR rather than a straight heal.


[...] of the world to enjoy by terrible word-stealing scandemons. I can barely bring myself to link to StarWarsMMO.net who have posted the scans, which are understandably in German. The internet’s best [...]

I agree with Jeff. The sith are typically not big on helping anyone, so their heal is likely to double as a damage ability.


[...] Consular: Officially announced after being revealed in PC Games magazine, the Jedi Consular is the second of two Jedi classes in the game and he [...]

the healing in this game isn’t specific for one class. the jedi consular will be able to heal but so will the smuggler. the smuggler will have a talent tree called medecine. jake neri said so himself. he also said that the inquisitor can be a damage healer but has another talent tree for healing. im assuming the imperial agent will have some sort of heals as well. the whole idea of having 2 force classes was you wouldnt have and overwheliming amount of one class. plus this way they wont be op because theyll have specific jedi for specific tasks. you wont have a jedi who can murder you with lightining and destroy you with a lightsabe at the same time. this way its split up and evened out. the next expansion will hopefully have another non force user


@starwars fan 1: Sith are not known for thier compassion, therefore they would most likely kill you for being injured than heal you anyway.


Any class system is going to be over run with a specific class whether or not the break up the force between multiple characters. One class will always be slightly better out of the bunch and you’ll notice everyone and their grandmother using it.


[...] Jedi Consulars can focus on being strong in terms of damage, but have the added benefit of being a healer as well.  The Force enables Consulars to be the healers for a group, keeping their lightsaber for [...]

I like Jedi with their great weapons and their playing style.


Sith Inquisitor is very smart for me! especially lightsaber, purple thunderbolt.
What do you think :) )

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