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SWTOR Companion Characters

This week’s updates have focused on companions; first with last night’s developer dispatch video, and now with a developer blog post by William Wallace. Some areas that he discusses include more on companion customization, the different companion classes, which are different from player classes, and other recent changes to how companions will work in the game. See below for an excerpt.

Quote from William Wallace (Source)

As you advance your story in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you build relationships with your companion characters based on the decisions you make throughout the game. How you treat each companion and how you act when they are in your presence determines how your relationship with them evolves. The writing team has done a fantastic job of bringing these companions to life with compelling stories and backgrounds. They add an emotional layer to the experience in the same way that such memorable characters as Bastila Shan and HK-47 did in Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic®.

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[...] Friday Update follows on from one made a few weeks ago, where Senior Game Designer William Wallace shed some light on how companion characters [...]

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