Daniel Erickson talks Sith Inquisitor

Daniel Erickson talks Sith Inquisitor
Recently the blog The Sith Inquirer was able to get some answers out of Lead Writer Daniel Erickson about the storyline for the Sith Inquisitor. While the Inquisitor’s story was written by former BioWare employee Rebecca Harwick, Erickson was the one to help flesh out all the loose ends. Topics Erickson covers include inspirations for the Inquisitor’s story, companions, and even revealing the voice actors for the class: Euan Morton and Xanthe Elbrick for male and female characters, respectively. Check out an excerpt below.

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Rebecca Harwick was the writer for the entirety of the Sith Inquisitor. She’s gone on to her dream of getting a masters in ancient Byzantine history (yes, really) but as I helped flesh out all the stories I can speak to this one. First and foremost was the Emperor/Palpatine inspiration. To be just bat-**** insane or to be subtle and clever. On top of that there was a bit of Raistlin Majere, some Moriarty and just a smidge of Dr. Belloq. You’re the one who knows what’s really happening, who has seen enough of the galaxy to grow wise or insane.

Check out the entire interview at The Sith Inquirer.

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