Alderaan News Holopics: Issue #6

This week in Alderaan News Holopics we have some fresh holo-stills from the planet Ilum, famed for it’s Adegan lightsaber crystals if its icy surface and starry skies can’t hide from this vicious war. We also have a few hard to get shots of Imperial activities, it looks like they are actively hiring more Bounty Hunters and some Sith even have time to… appreciate their luxuries. Join us for all that and more in this week’s issue!

Bounty Hunters – we don’t need their scum!

Are you sure this is for science?

Ilum is a cold barren rock, but the lack of development makes for some very clear and pretty night skies.

Moonrise over Ilum.

The moment you know your job is killing you.

This Jedi is levitating more than just the glasses on the table.

That shiny light is taunting me! Now where did I pack my ladder?!

A Chiss Imperial Agent looks upon the mask of Revan.

Even Sith Lords need a chance to unwind…

A trio of Selonians, one of the two non-Human species indigenous to the Corellian system, offer a hostile reception.

Thanks goes out to our contributors Astor, DarthParametric, mimartin, Lynk Former, Miltiades and ChAiNz.2da for their submissions this week. To submit your screenshots for next week’s issue post them in this thread on our official forums, or email me at remember to leave a blurb describing your submission or a caption below the screenshot, thanks and join us again next week.

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I’m not certain where you are getting your info, buut good topic.
I nneeds to spend some time finding out more or understanding more.
Thamk yyou for grea infco I used to be on thhe lookout for this information ffor my mission.

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